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Nature of Interaction: intellectual, business, personal interaction

Nature of Interaction (2-3-) – Part Two: A third factor that determines the change of distance is the nature of the interaction: Is it an intellectual, a business, or personal interaction ? This is the question we would like to consider now. 2-3-1-Intellectual Interaction An intellectual interaction mainly involves a formal distance. The relationship between […]

Factors in Distance Variation – Moroccan culture

Proximics: Evidence from Moroccan culture Part Two: 2- Factors in Distance Variation The distance one takes from his interlocutor in interaction may vary according to factors relating to the interacting individual, the nature of his sex, his social status whether he is subordinate, equal, or superior to his interlocutor; and finally to the nature of […]

Proximics: Evidence from Moroccan culture

Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences Department of English Option: Linguistics A Monograph submitted to the English Department in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for B.A Degree in English Proximics: Evidence from Moroccan culture Supervisor: Mr.Mohamed NFISSI Submitted by : Aicha A. Academic Year: 2004-2005 Content: Introduction Part one 1-Types of Distances in Interaction 1-1-Intimate […]