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أجمل سجن في العالم ؟ سجن Halden Fengsel النرويجي

Just imagine, a quaint little room smelling of fresh flowers. As you walk outside you find jogging trails, all on 75 acres of beautiful land. And after breaking a quick sweat in the up-to-date workout facility you take a nice relaxing cooking course to get you in the mood for a scrumptious dinner. Sounds like the perfect get-a-way, right? Except in this little “home away from home” most of its guests are on extended leave permanently. You see this is no vacation, but if you can believe it, a prison. Who says all prisons need to be broken down holes in the ground? Not Norway, that’s for sure. For the past ten years Norway has invested over 1.5 billion in creating this seemingly luxurious prison. […]